“A Win For One of Us Is A Win For All Of Us”

As we celebrate the final weekend of Pride Month in NYC, we spoke with our beloved lead bartender Christine Correa about her inspiration for her ‘Some Like It Hopped’ labels.

A play on the iconic, subversive film ‘Some Like It Hot,’ the beer (a hoppy Vienna lager) features a modern twist on a classic.

Meanwhile, the label features a story close to CC’s heart. Read on for more.

“Raised in a fairly conservative family growing up, I didn’t have direct access to understanding what it meant to be part of the LGBTQ+ community until I was older.

When I officially came out at around 23, I realized that there was a whole world that I was newly becoming a part of. As time passed, I stepped into my truth and owned my queer identity in a way that felt extremely personal, radical, and liberating for me.

This was helped along by friends who would go on to become family; a community of people with different stories and identities that woven together formed one overall message: you are safe to be yourself here.

The artwork for this can is inspired by them–the people who I’ve always looked up to for living in their truths and for providing me both the push and the comfort to live in mine.

It’s a reminder that LGBTQ+ narratives are both individual and intertwined, and that a win for one of us is a win for all of us.”

Photos by Francis Montoya, @slingshotmenace

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