Kev Scheitrum

Our Statement On 'Defund The Police'

Over the past week, we’ve come to understand that the phrase ‘Defund The Police’ is one that, for many, doesn’t start a conversation. It stops it. Or worse. Since sharing our intention to create a beer called Defund The Police last Friday, our team has received violent threats to our lives and our families’ at […]

Introducing...Some Like It Hopped

Stories can change the world. And our friends in the LGBTQ+ community are no strangers to sharing theirs in the hopes of change. Brewed to celebrate Pride Month, with our beloved lead bartender Christine (@christinecorrea) leading the way on direction & design, this dry-hopped Vienna lager is a fresh take on a classic — and […]

Defund the Police

Please click here for our statement on Defund The Police, and why we will no longer produce this beer. Continue to read on for the initial post. The statistics are staggering. And impossible to ignore. Black men and boys are 2.5 times more likely to be killed in an encounter with the police than white […]

Anti-Racist Resources To Help

The last few weeks in this country have revealed, in vivid detail, so many things that often go unacknowledged in American society. Forces of racism, prejudice and inequality. Forces of outright oppression. It’s also revealed the power of the American people to stand up, together, against these forces. And while we believe beer can be an agent […]

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