Bronx Brewery

2018 Summer Done Right Series Recap

If you were in The Backyard on June 23rd, July 22nd or August 18th, we think it’s safe to say you did Summer right. In 3 events over 3,000 people made it to The Backyard to witness and take part in what was our best event series to date. The food was on point, the […]

New Looks In The Bronx

If you know anything about Bronxites, you know they’re true to who they are, they tell it like it is, and they definitely don’t sugarcoat their words with BS. We feel the same way about how we brew. We make each one true to style, approachable but with all the flavor you come to expect […]

The B-Tracks Series

In Partnership with our Bronx-neighbors, Baldor Speciality Foods, we have produced a series of limited-batch beers featuring unique and hard to find ingredients, called The B-Tracks. This is what they’re all about. Music by Palatypus

Open Mic Night Recap

Bronx Brewery Open Mic Night debuted in late April, and thanks to amazing performances and an engaging audience, we’re already starting to think about making it part of our regular programming. It was an intimate evening with artists of several types who came by to showcase their diverse creativity, including our headliner and host, La […]

Opening Day Recap

Our annual Opening Day Party allows us to bring The Bronx together in The Backyard for the first time of the year and it usually doesn’t disappoint. This year was no different. We saw over one-thousand people come into The Backyard to jam out and dance with us for 8 hours, while 4 DJ’s spun […]


Every few months we will be rotating in new Variety Packs to highlight our current Seasonal and Up & Comers Beers alongside the year-round mainstays. And the Summer is our favorite season of the year, so we tend to extend the availability of these two – this Boogie Down Set and IPA Set will be […]