A refreshingly sour and cloudy ale brewed with cucumber & basil giving this traditional beer a cool & peppery finish.

Our head brewer, Damian, spent a few years living in Germany because his dad was piloting F-15’s for the Air Force (call sign: Hash Brown). So it was only fitting that we brew one of Germany’s traditional styles with a Bronx take. This Berliner Weisse beer is brewed with Pilsner, Vienna and wheat malts and balanced with Caliente hops to add a refreshing fruity backdrop. Cucumbers and basil are then added in the late stages of the brewing process to give it a cool, minty and peppery finish. We hope you enjoy our Bronx spin on what the Germans like to call the champagne of the north.


ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 15

Grain Bill: Castle Chateau Pilsen, Weyermann Vienna, Briess White Wheat Malt, Briess Rye Malt

Hop Bill: Caliente

Other: Cucumber, Basil 

Format: Draft, 12 oz. 4-pack

Availability: May – June


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