<h3>High Top</h3><span style='color: #e7775b;'> Sour IPA</span>

High Top Sour

Featuring 100% German hops, High Top is a kettle-soured, slightly tart, golden and hazy IPA with a real kick.

Expect big tropical fruit flavors and aroma, tied off with a tart, juicy finish.

For this edition of Up & Comers, we set out to create a pair of beers, Euro Step & High Top, that mashed up the old & new brew schools. Classic and modern. Old Country meets BX creative energy.

They’re both super-juicy, pillowy Northeast IPAs. But to mix things up — and throw it back to one of the oldest brewing traditions in the game — they both use exclusively German hops.

The result was Euro Step: a hazy IPA that’s got a character anything you’ve tried before. Meanwhile, we added kettle-souring for High Top to give it a similar treatment to the one that made City Island Sour one of our most popular beers.

Hop Bill: Mekur, Opal, Ariana, Hallertau Blanc, Callista

Grain Bill: Briess 2-Row, Wheat Malt, Carafoam, Abbey Malt






Variety Pack: Aug - Dec | September Up & Comer Release (16 oz. 4-Packs, Draft)


12 Oz Variety Pack (Boogie Down Set), 16 oz. 4-Pack & Draft

About The Artist

Natalie B. Lucre

Natalie B. Lucre is a NuyoRican born and raised in The Bronx. The street art that hugs the city made a strong impression which lead her to become a muralist. Lucre looks to leave her mark with more than just paint. Every project brings her closer to connecting and sharing with her community. You can see more of her work at nblucre.com or on Instagram @nblucre.

Natalie Lucre
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