Limited Edition Black Lager
with Sour Cherries & Orange Peel

Cheers to the magic inside

In astrology, a more than 2,000-year-old practice that marries math and myth, the moon is revered as the keeper of memories and intuition, the rhythm of our bodies, and the keys to our comfort and care. Under a new moon, we set intentions, make plans, and plant seeds for the things we want to see grow. When the moon is full and the results of our efforts are revealed, we take a moment to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, just before gearing up and getting ready for the next chapter or stage. 

Black Moon Rising is a tribute to this ancient wisdom. I like to imagine the Black Moon rising as being auspicious occasion when the air is potent with magic and potential, much like it is when the moon slips between the spaces of new and full and new again. We sip this beer in honor of this magic as well as the within us and the magic we create. 

This year, as the astrology of 2021 picks up from 2020 and continues to challenge and push us to build a more progressive and inclusive world, we are reminded to tap deep into ourselves and embrace our magic. And no, not the Harry Potter kind. I mean the very real and authentic things that make us who we are. We’re not only being called to embrace these gifts; we’re also being called to put them on the line to fuel the true change we want to see. 

As you enjoy Black Moon Rising, it’s my hope that you’ll take it as a moment to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, no matter how small, and that you find yourself inspired to help create what’s next. 

-Mecca Woods, Astrologer and Author 


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Made in collab with Bronx astrologer & reader Mecca Woods (@1meccanism) and released as Aquarius season turns to Pisces, Black Moon Rising pours dark as starry night - a defining feature of the classic German Schwarzbier -- with hints of chocolate and licorice.

But don't let its dark appearance fool you, this Schwarzbier is surprisingly light on the palate, with subtle floral & herbal notes from Sterling hops. Sour red cherries & bitter orange add tangy, fruity depth to the light, silky-smooth & refreshingly dry black lager.

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