#CheersToHeroes Runs Through May 22: Here’s How To Send Beer To The Front Lines

Update: We made our final #CheersToHeroes drop on Friday (check out our IG Story to follow along), but we’re still adding a free Thank-You pack to all orders for #frontlineheroes through Memorial Day


Over the past month, so much has been a blur. Except for Fridays.

Fridays have been different.

Thanks to your support, our #CheersToHeroes campaign — where we’re matching every BXB GO order with a donation of end-of-shift beer to the front lines — has been able to donate thousands of beers to the people going above & beyond for this city.

We’ve made runs each Friday since April 17, dropping off at hospitals, EMS Stations, clinics, restaurants providing free meals to front line workers and more. And every time, time’s stopped — even for a minute — as we’ve gotten to meet the people holding the Greatest City In The World on their shoulders.

Which is why we’re happy to announce three things today:

  1. We’ll be continuing #CheersToHeroes through May 22, the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend
  2. Now, you can send free beer as a gift (see below)
  3. From now on, donations will have a new look


Here’s How You Can Join In

  • Medical Pro? First Responder? Get Your Thank-You 6-Pack: Are you a healthcare worker or first responder? We’re adding a free Thank-You 6-pack to every order. Just click the box during checkout & fill in your name and where you work, and we’ll send a little something extra, on us
  • Send A Gift: Want to send beer to someone going above & beyond for NYC? Click that same box during checkout, and we’ll toss in the same Thank-You 6-pack
  • For orders over $100, not only will you get free delivery or shipping, we’ll toss in a Thank You 6-pack to give to whoever you’d like.


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