Brewing beer in The Bronx

That’s something we take real pride in. We’re honored to carry The Bronx name in our brand and to be part of this diverse community filled with people who have big love for their borough. Ahead of anything else, we want the people of The Bronx to be proud of the product we make. It’s our small way of being able to represent the borough in everything we brew.


Our taproom is open 7 days a week and we welcome everyone.  Whether you’ve been drinking craft beer for 1 week or 20 years.  Whether you’re born and raised in The Bronx or just moved here from out-of-town.  Whether you vote left or right.  Whether you pull for the Yankees or the Mets.  You are always welcome in our taproom as long as you leave the nonsense outside.  We are honored of the role our taproom plays in the community; strengthening relationships among neighbors, introducing new friends and bringing people together to celebrate what's good.


Community Partnerships

Just being a business in The Bronx isn’t enough for us. Our purpose is to join with and contribute to our neighborhood, our borough and our city. Two causes we’re passionate about are improving environmental conditions in NYC and supporting the arts.


The first we’re accomplishing through a partnership with the New York Restoration Project (NYRP).  We are a proud sponsor of NYRP’s Haven Project, which aims to renovate open spaces in the South Bronx to improve the physical environment of the neighborhood.  With every case we sell of our Bronx Banner Kolsch, we contribute 5% of the proceeds directly to The Haven Project.  In addition, we also sponsor NYRP’s, Twigs & Swigs program, a monthly neighborhood greening project.


We’re also partnering with Groundswell, an organization that brings together artists, youth, and community organizations to use art as tool for social change.  Together with Groundswell, we will work with community groups, local residents, and artists to develop a cohesive theme for a mural project in the South Bronx.

In addition to our formal partnerships we support many community organizations in The Bronx with beer donations for fundraisers, team support and more

Who We Are

We started a craft brewery in The Bronx because the borough reflects our values: Grit, Drive and Union.

Made By A Team

No egos. No BS. Just a crew dedicated to bringing you a beer that’s as no-nonsense as the team that brewed it.


The Bronx Brewery is looking for an intern to join the production team! This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work in a brewery but lacks practical experience.

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