If you’re looking for a beer to satisfy your New Year’s Resolution, make no mistake – The Bronx Brewery’s No Resolutions IPA isn’t it. This beer is both a very complex and full-bodied IPA with a heavy hop guarantee, but also a testament to their mindset this time of year – to live life making plans, not resolutions. So leave your resolutions at home, and join us for an event featuring some of life’s greatest indulgences, featuring food from Mike’s Deli of Arthur Avenue, hand-rolled cigars from La Casa Grande Cigars, and a performance from up and coming Bronx-DJ’s, Angel & Dren.


Admission includes 2 beers (1 No Resolutions, 1 of any other), 1 hand-rolled cigar, and 1 large Mike’s Deli Sandwich

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If guests cancel tickets 72 hours prior, tickets will be fully refunded. If the event is canceled, tickets will be fully refunded.

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