Free Form Black Rye

Free Form Rye Pale Ale – 8.2% ABV

Free Form was brewed in collaboration with Buttonwoods Brewing out of Cranston, RI. This pale ale is no fuss. Coming in at 8.2% ABV, the 2 brew teams balanced marriage of malt and hops in commemoration of one of our favorite styles, Rye Ales. Rye gives the palate just enough spice to play with the spicey and floral hop notes and aroma that comes from the crystal and chinook bill. However, what really shines here is the malt profile, as imparting notes of medium to light roast coffee balance out the overall spice and pine of the beer.

This beer was made in collaboration with an ex-Bronx Brewery who founded Buttonwoods. As an ode to one of our mutually favorite types of beer, Rye, we used this collaboration as an opportunity to explore 2 very different Rye beers. Free Form, was brewed in The Bronx. And the Yin to our Yang, Free Spirit was brewed at Buttonwoods. If you make your way down there soon, you should 1,000% check it out! Last, but not least notice the mirroring typefaces, which feature old-school graffiti lettering, courtesy of Sterby Rocks, a graffiti artist and friend of both breweries.

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John Zufall

I loved the original Bronx Rye. Miss it terribly. Where can I get the free form Black Rye?

I live on east 80th street in Manhattan.

Any chance the original Rye will come back?


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