💥 Introducing Blockbuster, a brand-new CROSS COUNTRY IPA where a classic & dank West Coast IPA meets a juicy & hazy East Coaster. Just in time for your holiday travels.

Launch it with us in the Taproom on Saturday Dec 14, alongside a NEW merch collab with @pericolimited, a special menu from @empanology and a LIVE show from @denzilporter! (Link in bio)

Up and a Comer label art by TRAP IF, one of NYC’s most prolific and mysterious street artists since the late 70’s. An ‘all-city’ writer, with his signature tag across all 5 boroughs, he’s a fixture of the Blockbuster style — where a piece of art would quickly cover a huge surface.

Next, join him on his mission to become the first artist to go ‘all-country,’ with Blockbusters in all 50 states

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