2 variety packs. All new, all the way through. Now wrapped in 2 of our Taproom’s most famous murals, from 2 of our favorite artists. @nblucre @artistcjg89____The Boogie Down SetSplashed with @nblucre’s sprawling, endless-summer ‘Backyard’ mural, Well Earned and No Res are joined by a constantly rotating cast of our freshest seasonals and Up and Comers._____The IPA SetThe 1st thing you see in our Taproom, @artistcjg89’s tribute to the Bronx now shines all around NY. Inside, City Island and Streetwise form the foundation of one big hoppy family, featuring an always-changing mix of seasonals and Up and Comers._____Scoop them up wherever our variety packs are sold! Can’t find em? Check out our Beer Finder on the site.

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