Bronx born & raised, twins @angelanddren have been DJ’ing and producing music the past few years, only recently in between fashion shows and fitness shoots. Though rarely taking a break from the grind that is dream chasing, this duo finds our backyard a perfect place to let the record spin, and enjoy the moment with our easy drinking ale – a beer for those who make stuff happen
Getting to be 2 of the hottest up and coming DJ’s in NYC isn’t an overnight success story. Since the day Angel came to Dren with the realization that turntables were going to be their shared life’s passion, these sisters have dedicated themselves to their craft and quickly became local superstars. Quickly finding that by gaining a following in one field could lead to success in others, they have found both fitness and fashion to be equally appealing, locking down gigs with @essence at NY Fashion Week and @NIKE as official DJs

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