BXB team, we need your help. We’re in the FINAL ROUND of the Battle of the Breweries, and your votes can bring another title to the Bronx. [Voting link in bio]

Our people & our borough make our brewery.

We’re nothing without the energy & creativity & passion & grit & (booming) voice that you bring to our brewery and every drop of our beer.

We love beer, obviously. And one of the things we love most about it is that it shrinks the distance between people. It starts conversations. Creates common ground. Simplifies things a little.

In the end, a million different beer styles really come down to 4 core elements: malt, hops, yeast and water.

And in a time that’s full of people shouting at each other (on TV, behind phones), we take our greatest joy at being able to play even a small part in your lives. At being able to help you celebrate when things go right, commiserate when things go wrong and make the world feel a little smaller…even in the Greatest City In The World.

We’ve got an opportunity here to get the word out about what you already know — that there’s no place like the Bronx, and no place like what you’ve helped to create here. You inspire us every day.

So we humbly ask you to take a few minutes now, and maybe a few more times through the week, to put us over the top.

Thanks for being you. And see you Saturday at Summer Done Right. – The Bronx Brewery Team


1, 4 – @crwn.photography
2, 3, 5 – @nicgotpics

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