Calm before the swarm. (With a few influencer shoots mixed in 😂) Debuting today at before launching in a week…2 SUPER fresh, massively juicy hazies WORLD GONE HAZY | 7.0% Hazy IPA Tropical • Juicy • Hazy as the times we live in • Full bodied and juicy, packed with orange, mango and pineapple (and bombarded with Idaho 7, Samba, Nugget, Azacca and Comet), this one’s brewed to celebrate the lights in the haze. JUICED BALL | 8% Hazy White IPA Tropical Vibes • Chance Of Clouds • Grapefruit (League) • March’s Up and Comer takes a cut at a pearl-white IPA stuffed full of wheat and late-addition hops, for a little extra punch and a juicy taste that explodes right off the bat. Up and Comers label art by @syespinal

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