Fall’s just bigger in The Bronx. The wait is over … Das Bronx is HERE, just in time for the temps to drop (and the Playoff race to heat up). We’ve been circling this date for months. Our Oktoberfest-style lager features all we love about fall. Light copper in color, it opens with a hit of caramel sweetness that’s followed closely by a bready, toasty second wave. An ultra-light floral hop character with subtle bitterness brings it all home, making for a crispy, clean and complex Uptown take on a classic. And that’s just what’s on the inside. This year’s Das Bronx features new art by the Bronx’s own creative machine @thebronxer, who makes his signature mark on a centuries-old style. (You can find more from him at @thebronxer.art) The design’s part of our Up & Comers series, which pairs up limited-edition beers with rising star artists — the series that launched City Island Sour into our full-time rotation earlier this month. And speaking of circling dates, got one more. Bronx Oktoberfest: Sept 14 at The Bronx Brewery, including a limited-edition Das Bronx glass stein. Link coming soon. Prost

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