The sour IPA with a serious kick.

Crashing into the Taproom💥 hitting the streets 🛹 and sticking the landing TODAY is High Top, our newest Up & Comer — a kettle-soured, cloudy IPA packed with 100% German-grown hops (not to mention an 8.5% ABV punch). And who better to capture High Top’s cutting-edge-meets-old-school vibes than the great @nblucre, who makes her Up & Comers debut on the label.

After creating The Backyard mural earlier this summer, Natalie brings her signature style & activism to Up & Comers, which pairs up limited-release beers with design from local rising-star artists.
Come 🛹 and 🍺 get 🛹 it 🍺 today … and stay tuned for a ‘Shoes n Brews’ High Top event with @thekicksandkegs at the Taproom on Sept 27

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