Välkommen, Big City Bastard! Made exclusively for our friends at Sweden’s @bastardburgers.se , Big City Bastard’s dank as the day is long … ESPECIALLY in summer, where the Swedish sun (almost) never sets. 🇸🇪 • 🍺🍔 • A juicy IPA that’s brewed to pair with the next generation of burgers, BCB features a 6-hop drop ranging from citrusy & fruity (Caliente, Calypso) to herbal (NZ Dr. Rudi, Idaho 7) to spicy (Exp 07270, Sterling). Like the burgers you dream about, the taste comes at you in waves: tropical and stone fruits dominate the flavor profile with dank, herbal and pine notes following close by. • 🍺🍔 • And just like the perfect burger, this Bastard’s not trying to put an end to your day. (Some say, after all, that life starts after sunset) A base made with super-light pale & honey malt — with some Triticale flakes tossed in for a bit of spice — keeps BCB light and bright and allows the super-complex hop profile to shine through … and you to keep conquering the Big City. No matter what continent you’re on. • 🍺🍔 • To celebrate the World Premier, we’ll be on tour with Bastard Burgers ALL WEEK in Sweden. Follow along in our Story as we hit Stockholm (Aug. 7), Norrköping (Aug. 8), Karlstad (Aug. 9), and Umeå (Aug. 10), with release parties in each city! • 🍺🍔 • 🎨 Up & Comers artist @broadcastlevel designed the 🔥🔥🔥 label, and will be painting live all week long — including putting the finishing touches on the artwork above for new Bastard Burgers shop. • 🍺🍔 • ✈ Can’t make it to Sweden, but want to snag one of these Bastard Burgers hats? We’ll be giving away a few in our Taproom Friday. Get there by 4:15 to join the fun

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