Open Mic Night Recap

Bronx Brewery Open Mic Night debuted in late April, and thanks to amazing performances and an engaging audience, we’re already starting to think about making it part of our regular programming.

It was an intimate evening with artists of several types who came by to showcase their diverse creativity, including our headliner and host, La Bruja (BX Powerhouse) who performed along with Don Sonero (a Global Salsa singer) – both did several improvised pieces.


Friend of The Brewery, Nic Cabral of Nic Got Pics, captured the evening with the images above.

Other highlights came from Empanology who didn’t just serve up their incredible empanadas. Their founder, Jason, jumped on the mic to bee-bop and artists followed him on stage to freestyle on the beat. Then our Taproom GM, Brandon, read two works – one in English and the other in Spanish – his first time debuting his work on stage.

Overall, those that attended, felt it was a safe space for people to express themselves in a deeply authentic way – a theme we’ll continue to push for as this series builds.

The next Bronx Brewery Open Mic Night will be held on July 25th @ 6pm.


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