People Power: 4 Photographers On A Quest For A Better World


Creating a better world takes courage. Vision. Conviction.

A better world takes conversation.

Together with 4 of our favorite local photographers, we’re proud to join breweries around the United States with our edition of People Power.

A nationwide collab dedicated to driving lasting change through personal and collective responsibility, People Power supports the American Civil Liberties Union’s tireless efforts to protect the rights of all.

Our version, a smoked porter, features 4 of our favorite photographers on its labels, with each providing a photo that answers this question:

‘What is one thing you’ve captured in 2020 that shows a quest to create a better world?’

On each can, you’ll find more from each artist, with the 4 labels forming a conversation.

From Dondre Green, Claudio De La Rosa, Adiana Rivera and Anthony Hawley, you’ll find photos attesting to the power of Quiet Resolve. To Collective Action. To Sustained Work and to Empowering The Next Generation.

You’ll also find a QR code on each can that you can scan to find more information on where & how to vote.

As part of the People Power pledge, we’re joining our fellow breweries in donating 10% of sales or 100% of net profits, whichever is greater, to the ACLU’s mission.

Pick up your 4-pack here or come to the Brewery & Backyard, and remember to make a plan to vote.

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