Brave Noise



An industry-altering collaboration. 

Collab with Notch Brewing (@notchbrewing)

“Do male brewers ever get asked ‘How’d you learn to be a brewmaster?’ in a condescending way?”

Brienne Allen, a production manager at Notch Brewing in Salem, Massachusetts posed this question in her Instagram stories in May of this year.

She followed up with another question to fellow women in the industry, “What sexist comments have you experienced?”

Within days Brienne (@ratmagnet) had received thousands of accounts in response. These stories ranged from comments like, “I didn’t know girls liked beer,” to criminal accounts of women working in the beer industry being sexually assaulted or raped by their male colleagues.

Brienne began anonymously reposting the accounts she had received in her Instagram stories and the industry started to notice. Multiple men who were called out as repeat offenders resigned or were asked to step down from their positions. They also began to threaten Brienne with legal action.

But in early June Notch Brewing quickly mobilized, rallying around Brienne and the survivors, creating a pale ale that they called Brave Noise to honor all the victims who shared their stories. Then in July, Notch announced that they would be transforming Brave Noise into a global collaboration, releasing the recipe to breweries and home brewers alike in an effort to “advocate for safe spaces and inclusive environments.”

In order for breweries to participate, it was required that you share your breweries’ code of conduct (ours can be found here) and commit to donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Brave Noise. We’ve committed to donating our proceeds to our friends at Beer Kulture.

Notch encouraged brewers to put their own spin on the recipe, so our Brave Noise includes additions of Rye malt, Cascade hops, and dried grapefruit peel. These additions to the original recipe create a dry, refreshing flavor with lots of grapefruit and a slightly fruit cocktail taste while the Cascade hops give the beer a slightly bitter balance.

Grain bill: Pilsen, White Wheat, Oats
Hops: Sabro, Mosaic, Cascade

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