Cosmic Haze


“A Transcendant Journey Through The Cosmos”

Y-Series collab with Dynamics Art Gallery (@dynamicartsgallery)

Step into the ethereal realm of “Cosmic Haze,” a captivating 9% ABV 13 IBU Triple Hazy IPA that defies the conventions of brewing. This is more than a beer; it’s an odyssey through the cosmos. A celestial fusion of 2-Row and Oat Flakes intertwines with White Wheat and Rice Hulls, creating a canvas as smooth as the billowy clouds drifting by distant stars. Strata and Mandarina Bavaria hops harmonize to deliver an enchanting medley of ripe tropical fruits and citrus notes, offering an interstellar bouquet for your palate. As you conclude your celestial journey, a subtle bitterness unfolds, akin to a meteor’s radiant tail, leaving an aftertaste as mysterious as the cosmos.

This brew’s can encapsulates the vibrant artistry of Christopher, a passionate artist from IAHD’s Arts program at the Dynamic Arts Gallery. Inspired by graffiti and street art, his work sets the tone for ‘Cosmic Haze.’ Christopher’s excitement and anticipation shine through as he shares, ‘I felt happy when they told me that my artwork was selected for this project.’ Christopher’s vibrant creation speaks volumes, inviting you to explore the cosmic landscape he’s painted. The collaboration with The Bronx Brewery and Dynamic Arts Gallery celebrates local artists, fostering inclusivity and community integration. DAG expressed pride in highlighting Christopher’s work and their joint commitment to embracing neurodiverse artists and fostering an inclusive community


“I started making art four years ago and have not stopped since. When I make art, I feel nervous at
first but after a while of working I feel better…





Christopher’s artistic vision, rooted in the energetic essence of graffiti and street art, ignited his desire to craft a celestial panorama. His creative journey was an exploration of cosmic landscapes, channeling vibrant hues and bold strokes to conjure a sense of boundless wonder.

Captivated by the essence and vibrancy of Christopher’s artwork, the Dynamic Arts Gallery (DAG) team found themselves immersed in its transcendent vibe. The artwork pulsated with a cosmic energy that resonated deeply, inspiring the team to christen this vibrant brew as ‘Cosmic Haze.’ The name echoed the fusion of elements within Christopher’s artistry—conjuring the mystical allure of cosmic landscapes while encapsulating the hazy, mesmerizing quality of his work.

When asked “What do you hope to achieve with your art/platform?” Christopher says:

I want more people to see me as an artist. I like sharing my work with people and telling them I made this. Selling more of my artwork would be cool too!

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know?” Christopher says:

I felt happy when they told me that my artwork was selected for this project, I am excited for people to see my work. The art instructor told my grandmother the news and she was so excited and proud of me. I am very happy and can’t wait to dance.

D-A-G says:

It’s been great to work with the Brewery to celebrate local artists from the Bronx!

We are proud to have Christopher’s work highlighted in this project. Our goal is to find partners in highlighting work by neurodiverse artists and making the community more inclusive.

The Institutes of Applied Human Dynamics (IAHD) is a non-profit service provider committed to positively impacting the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. IAHD’s Dynamic Arts Gallery provides an inclusive environment to celebrate creative expression. Since 2011, we have held public events and exhibitions featuring the work of Dynamic Artists from IAHD’s programs and the local arts community.

Experience the cosmic narrative of ‘Cosmic Haze,’ where every sip embodies art, inspiration, and community. Join us on this celestial journey through vibrant flavors and creative unity.






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Dynamic Arts Gallery

Dynamic Arts Gallery, where creativity knows no bounds. This inclusive haven has been uplifting artists from IAHD's programs and the local arts community since 2011, showcasing the limitless potential of creative expression.

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