SOLD OUT | 🔥😈 Devil’s Bargain: 1 Extreme Que Fuego + 4 Pack (12oz) + Hot Sauce


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This one’s for heat-heads ONLY.

We took 30 cans of Que Fuego, our new India Pale Lager infused with pineapple & Carolina reaper peppers, and dropped a FULL reaper pepper into each one. Then we let it sit for two weeks.

Only for the bravest — and most experienced — heat seekers in NY, we’re now releasing them exclusively in a Devil’s Bargain Bundle on BXB Go. Each one includes…

  • A 4-pack of Que Fuego 12oz cans
  • The limited-edition .856 Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce, made with Well Earned Pilsner
  • The 16oz Que Fuego with a full reaper tossed into it
  • (warning: this will be extremely hot. Look for the note during checkout!)

Where else can you find Que Fuego? 12oz cans are in select Variety PacksVariety Packs, while you can still find 16oz 4-packs at Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods around NYC!