El Condado de la Salsa

Lager with Lime, Coconut & Passionfruit

Lager with Lime, Coconut & Passionfruit



Back for another dance. 💃

Up & Comer collab with The Salsa Project (@thesalsaprojectnyc)

Last Summer, in tandem with The Salsa Project, we introduced the first edition of El Condado de la Salsa, a golden ale dancing with fruit flavor. It was an instant hit, with the small batch selling out in only 72 hours!

This year we brewed El Condado as a traditional light lager but with the same fruit-forward flavor as last year. You’ll get the passion fruit and lime right up front – boosted by the citrus-y and tropical experimental hop 10416 – which then mellows into a coconut water vibe. As you sip, you’ll get aromas of toasted coconut.

We’ve also added the hop Hallertau Blanc – whose berry characteristics lend themselves to a dry finish with a slight wine essence. And then we used yellow corn flakes to enhance the sweetness.

El Condado de la Salsa traces the path that salsa music took through the Bronx — where a collision of music and culture created a new art form as vibrant as the borough that birthed it. Drawing from ingredients of African, Cuban & Puerto Rican descent, every sip dances with a relaxing, tropical, summertime vibe.

$1 from each 4-pack sold will go to The Salsa Project to assist in their efforts to bring a live Salsa activation to a local elderly community.

Grain: Weyermann Pilsner, Briess Yellow Corn Flakes, Weyermann Sauermalz, Briess Carapils
Hops: Hallertau Hersbrucker, Sterling, Hallertau Blanc, Exp 10416
What Else: Toasted Coconut, Passionfruit, Lime Peel

About The Salsa Project

“The Salsa Project” is a movement rooted in getting more young people involved in Salsa music. The goal of this project is to protect, preserve, and ensure that Salsa does not die amongst the younger generations. “The Salsa Project” takes a multi-disciplinary approach to its work, which includes events, a docu-series, community engagement, and merchandise. The culmination of these four elements will help create a platform for all to engage, learn, and partake in our mission to keep the culture alive. ¡Que Viva La Salsa!

The South Bronx is one of the epicenters in the creation of Salsa music. During the 60’s and 70’s, its essence left a Caribbean taste on your palette with hints of Bolero, Charanga, Mambo, Boogaloo and Son Montuno that would make your body scream for more, “AZUCAR!”

Playlist: 15 Hours Of Salsa

This playlist is a tribute to the sounds that were being heard in the streets and homes of the communities that existed in the South Bronx during Salsa’s inception. May it serve as your own personal time machine and transport you back in time.

This playlist was curated by The Salsa Project’s Historian, Nicole Espinosa. Nicole is a Puerto Rican and Cuban Bronx based Salsa enthusiast. She holds a BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Media Studies from New York University.






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Melanie Espinosa

Melanie Espinosa is a self taught illustrator and New York native. Her work is centered around advocacy in the BIPOC community, motherhood and culture.

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