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6.9% ABV | 10 IBU | 4-Pack | Up and Comers Limited Release

Made in tandem with The Salsa Project, El Condado de la Salsa traces the path that salsa music took through the Bronx — where a collision of music and culture created a new art form as vibrant as the borough that birthed it. Drawing from ingredients of African, Cuban & Puerto Rican descent, every sip dances with a relaxing, tropical, summertime vibe.

Grain: Weyermann Pilsner, Briess Corn Flakes, Briess Flaked Wheat, Briess Carapils
Hops: Hallertau Hersbrucker, Northern Brewer, Sterling, African Queen, Exp 10416
What Else: Toasted Coconut, Passionfruit, Lime Peel

Playlist: 36 Hours Of Salsa


About The Salsa Project

“The Salsa Project” is a movement rooted in getting more young people involved in Salsa music. The goal of this project is to protect, preserve, and ensure that Salsa does not die amongst the younger generations to come. “The Salsa Project” takes on a multi-disciplinary approach, which covers a docu-series, community engagement, events, and merchandise. The culmination of these four elements will help create a platform for all to engage, learn, and partake in our mission to keep the culture alive.

We created a playlist with over 36 hours of music, which pays tribute to the origins of Salsa in New York and its particular sound up until the late 1990s. When Cubans and Puerto Ricans migrated to the South Bronx and El Barrio they brought along with them their unique styles of music, rhythm and clave. A mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms, cha cha, mambo, boogaloo, pachanga and charanga could be heard throughout New York emanating from fire escapes and passing cars and in places such as El Hippo Campo, Wild Palms, The Corso, Hunts Point Palace and the infamous Palladium.

The influences of these several genres of music would become the antecedent of Salsa. From Aresenio Rodriguez who moved to the Bronx from Cuba during the 1950’s, to charanga bands such as Tipica 73′, to the creation of Fania Records, to El Barrio’s own Marc Anthony, this playlist will take you on a tour of the history of the Salsa experience in New York.

This playlist was curated by The Salsa Project’s Historian, Nicole Espinosa. Nicole is a Puerto Rican and Cuban Bronx based Salsa enthusiast. She holds a BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Media Studies from New York University.


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