El Condado de la Salsa


Caution: This beer may cause dancing 💃

Seasonal collab with The Salsa Project (@thesalsaprojectnyc)

A Third-Year Return with a Twist!

Get ready to dance with our highly anticipated seasonal brew, “El Condado de la Salsa.” Each year, we bring a new flavor experience to this beloved beer, and this time, it’s a Golden Ale infused with the vibrant combination of Mango and Lime. With an ABV of 7% and 20 IBUs, this refreshing creation is set to captivate your taste buds.

Building on our collaboration with The Salsa Project (@thesalsaprojectnyc), El Condado de la Salsa is not just a beer—it’s a celebration of culture. In partnership with Brandon Espinosa, founder of The Salsa Project, we aim to support and preserve the rich heritage of Salsa in the Bronx.

Last year’s iteration of El Condado showcased a fruit-forward hazy IPA, bursting with passionfruit, lime, and coconut. It was a symphony of citrus and tropical flavors that delighted the senses. This year, we continue the tradition of excellence, bringing you a beer that effortlessly blends the essence of Salsa’s roots in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Bronx.

The label, designed by digital illustrator and social media strategist Melanie Espinosa, pays tribute to the vibrant Salsa community, emphasizing the connection between generations and their love for the music. Together, we celebrate the young and passionate individuals who carry the torch of Salsa’s rich traditions.

Not only does El Condado de la Salsa embody the spirit of Salsa, but it also supports The Mercado Project, founded by Damaris Mercado, daughter of the legendary Ralph Mercado. This initiative honors Ralph’s legacy, showcases Afro-Latinx experiences, and encourages exploration of diverse cultural histories.

Join us as we embark on the third-year collaboration with The Salsa Project and raise a glass to the fusion of flavorful brews and vibrant music. Experience the rhythm, embrace the culture, and savor every sip of El Condado de la Salsa.

Discover more about The Salsa Project at TheSalsaProjectNYC.com and follow @TheSalsaProjectNYC on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with their inspiring work.

Dance to the beat, sip to the rhythm, and let El Condado de la Salsa transport you to the heart of the Bronx’s vibrant Salsa scene. Cheers to another year of celebration and culture!






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Melanie Espinosa

Melanie Espinosa is a self taught illustrator and New York native. Her work is centered around advocacy in the BIPOC community, motherhood and culture.

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