Golden Hour


“Captures the essence of sun-kissed flavors and blissful moments!”

Y-Series collab with Girls Who Shoot(@girlswhoshoot)

Step into a world of pure sensory delight with Golden Hour, a captivating 6% ABV 24 IBUs Saison Ale brewed in collaboration with Girls Who Shoot! This brew embodies the essence of a magical moment, where the golden hues of a setting sun meet the refreshing flavors of juicy peaches and zesty lemons. The smooth and crisp Saison base harmonizes with the tropical notes of El Dorado hops and the delicate herbal hints of Hersbrucker hops. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a blissful realm of flavor, capturing the essence of that perfect time of day when everything shines in radiant harmony.

Introducing Flordalis and Girls Who Shoot, the creative force behind “Golden Hour” – The Bronx Brewery’s August Y-Series collaboration beer. As a self-taught photographer with a passion for highlighting overlooked places and people, Flordalis brings a unique perspective to her work, heavily influenced by The Bronx and Hip Hop culture.



“ My work focuses on places and people who are often overlooked,  I am heavily influenced by The Bronx and Hip-Hop culture, and I always try to have an element of  grittiness in my photos in contrast with a beautiful subject! “





For the design process, Flordalis teamed up with the talented illustrator and designer, Elise Miguel, to bring her vision to life. The can artwork beautifully showcases sunset and golden hour photos taken by women from the Girls Who Shoot community, capturing the essence of the collaborative spirit. A delightful sun character named “Sunny” playfully holds a camera, adding a fun and cute touch to the design.

When asked “What do you hope to achieve with your art/platform?” Flordalis says:

With The Girls Who Shoot platform, the goal has always been and will always be to highlight, educate, and provide spaces for black and brown women in visual arts. We do this by featuring photos by female photographers on our Instagram, hosting educational workshops, and photo walks, and collaborating with other organizations who share similar missions.

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know?” Flordalis says:

I hope this collaboration can continue to spread awareness about the Girls Who Shoot community.  Girls Who Shoot is a visual arts space just as much as it is a healing space where women can gather, get inspired by each other, and create beautiful art together. I think spaces like that are so necessary in the community and I’m grateful to BXB for helping us showcase our organization.

By supporting “Golden Hour,” you contribute to a greater cause, spreading awareness of Girls Who Shoot and their inspiring work. Proceeds from the collaboration will be used to organize a workshop for the community, further empowering and uplifting women in visual arts.

Join us in raising a glass to the extraordinary collaboration between Flordalis, Girls Who Shoot, and The Bronx Brewery – celebrating creativity, community, and the golden moments that inspire us all. Cheers to “Golden Hour”!






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Girls Who Shoot

Welcome to Girls Who Shoot, a vibrant community of talented female creatives who wield the powerful medium of photography to ignite connections and inspire individuals from all walks of life!

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