Knock On Wood


The Copper Ale that’s all about sustainability!

Y-Series collab with Tiffany Gomez(@gomezdesignstudio)

Knock On Wood is a slightly malty copper ale conditioned on Amburana Wood. Copper Malt provides an enhanced toasty mouthfeel with notes of graham crackers. Extra Pale Malt adds a subtle sweetness and Midnight Wheat Malt for sweet, smooth, non-bitter flavors and aftertaste with hints of roasted flavor followed by an exceptionally clean finish!

The name Knock on Wood is obviously a callback to the phrase uttered when a “Jinx” has occurred and we certainly hope you’ll be drinking KOW when this happens moving forward, definitely better than actually knocking on wood!

“Having a focus on sustainability and being a part of the solution, not the problem is super important”


                                                             “I learned early on in my studies that the design industry is one of the most wasteful so I decided at that moment to brand myself as a sustainable artist and designer. I allow the materials I find to dictate what it is that I create. Instead of purchasing materials that are right for a given project, I use what I currently have at my disposal. ”

Knock on Wood’s can is designed by Tiffany Gomez(@gomezdesignstudio) and is highlighting the geometry that exists in her previous works in the last 6-years as a self-taught woodworker. The leading lines and color tonality are reminiscent of various types of reclaimed wood used over Tiffany’s time using the medium. Tiffany wanted the pattern to be bold and read well on the can. The browns in the wood work harmoniously with the fall season along with the recipe used to craft the beer!

Tiffany is in a place of pivot right now! She wants to hone in more on the education and practice of woodworking and connect the community through the medium!

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know Tiffany says:

“I’m just grateful that I’m able to collaborate and create something memorable with another Bronx born brand. Over the last few years, I’ve seen the creative community flourish so much in our borough and I’m honored to be a part of that. I love what the Bronx Brewery has been doing with their Y-series and allowing artists to not only design their own cans but help craft their own beers. It’s really amazing and a great way to keep us connected to our community”

Precious Plastic NYC and it’s actually a non-profit organization that myself and my business partner are currently growing. Precious Plastic NYC is a sustainability driven organization focused on reducing plastic waste by transforming the material into usable, functional objects. In addition to designing our own line of product, we are heavily focused on putting together a series of workshops and educational programs for NYC businesses and residents.







Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Tiffany Gomez

Our latest Y-Series collaborator Tiffany Gomez(@gomezdesignstudio) is a Bronx-based artist with a background in architecture and interior design. Since she was a kid she always knew something creative would be her future forward. Often finding herself aspiring to put her energy and creativity into solving problems for the world around her as opposed to what can be done alone as an artist. Becoming a self-taught woodworker Tiffany understands that the construction industry is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet and focuses her attention on acquiring reclaimed and salvaged wood to create art that opens up the conversation about "What is considered waste?" and to harmoniously connect people, community, and businesses through sustainability and design!

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