Play Date


A play-date of flavors you’ll fall in love with!

Y-Series collab with Rocio Cabrera(@rociomarie__)

Play Date is a 5% ABV 15 IBU Smoked Helles Lager that’s slightly smokey, sweet, & refreshingly fruity. Aromatics and Cherrywood Malts provide a richly intense palate with sweetly malty flavors and smokey undertones. Hersbrucker and Huell Melon contribute spice, fruit, and floral characteristics in the comfort of distinct summer melons & mild apricot with mild bitterness. Watermelon adds true-to-nature ripe watermelon taste and texture! A Play-Date of flavors in your mouth!

As a jewelry designer, painter, and sculptor Rocio’s work range from oil paintings to watercolor, polymer clay, and digital works. Ms.Cabrera’s artwork is all about honoring the inner child. Using nostalgia and the innocence of youth to be able to tackle darker themes in her life like anxiety, self-doubt, and depression without the lens of judgment she feels comes with adulthood. 



I want my work to feel familiar and comforting. To create a space where vulnerability and honesty only lead you closer to your truest self. (the one I feel a lot of us have lost growing up). Your feelings are not embarrassing, they’re what make you special and I aim for my work to be a reminder of that. “





Rocio’s beer is called Play Date because she really wanted to tap into nostalgia and childhood both of which happen to be the main themes in her artwork. “I wanted this beer, and also the release event to feel like being invited to a pool party in the fifth grade (when life was the sweetest, for me at least)”. “I definitely knew I wanted one of my ROCIOART girls to be the star of the can. if you look closely, you’ll see she’s actually a watermelon herself as a shoutout to the beer flavor. Superimposed stickers, ladybugs, and bubbles are all callbacks to my youth and the start of an amazing summer.

When asked “What do you hope to achieve with your art/platform?” Rocio says:

My intentions when it comes to her art/platform seem to change on a monthly basis. “At times I have fantasies of owning an empire, and being able to branch out into other mediums like furniture design, and appliances… and other times I just have the hope that I can continue to support myself as an independent artist, and not have to rely on anyone else to live comfortably.” Rocio has been in this business for 7 years and it’s been incredible, but also incredibly difficult taking everything on as one person. At the end of the day, Rocio hopes to be able to continue making work other people can relate to and find solace in. “I hope to build community through being as vulnerable and honest as I can in my work.”

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know?” Rocio says:

“The Bronx Brewery is hands down my favorite place to go kick it in The Bronx and I’m not just saying that because of this collab! A week before I was reached out to about the possibility of this happening, I was actually sitting with my brother in The Backyard drinking a Smile My Guy explaining; how incredible it’d be to be able to work with the company in any capacity. I really feel like The Bronx Brewery makes an effort to highlight artists/businesses from the community in a way that is so commendable. It is evident that there is good intention behind every event put on. I’m always so excited to vend there specifically because the Bronx Brewery has really fostered a community of people that believe in and uplift one another.”

Rocio’s community collaborator is Callen Lorde who has not only helped countless LGBTQ people in Rocio’s life, but thousands in the city. June is Pride Month and we’re so happy to be able to use this collab to help Rocio’s faves, the girls, gays, and they!

Proceeds received from the release of this beer will sponsor various creative endeavors at Callen Lorde.






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Rocio Cabrera

Rocio Cabrera is a multi-talented artist, exploring various mediums such as oil paintings, watercolor, polymer clay, and digital works. Her artistic endeavors span across jewelry design, painting, and sculpture. Through her art, Rocio beautifully captures the essence of honoring the inner child and embracing nostalgia. By drawing inspiration from the innocence of youth, she fearlessly delves into deeper themes such as anxiety, self-doubt, and depression, creating a space free from the constraints of adult judgment. Rocio's work serves as a powerful testament to the transformative and healing power of artistic expression.

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