Anti-Racist Resources To Help

The last few weeks in this country have revealed, in vivid detail, so many things that often go unacknowledged in American society. Forces of racism, prejudice and inequality. Forces of outright oppression.

It’s also revealed the power of the American people to stand up, together, against these forces.

And while we believe beer can be an agent for change by bringing people together, that’s not something that happens passively.

Creativity, community, and inclusivity have long been at the center of our mission. And going forward, you’ll see that woven even more deeply into everything we do, through partnerships, through support for those doing meaningful work toward justice & equality, and through a commitment to driving conversation and collective action and understanding.

We need to act to create a better world. We need to act now. And we need to act together.

Below, find a growing list of resources to help drive education, action and donation as we collectively work to dismantle the systems of racism & oppression and move toward a better future, together.


We’re making a donation on behalf of the brewery to the NAACP, and encourage our Bronx Brewery Family to donate to a cause promoting social justice — or lend support however you’re able. 

In the days & weeks to come, we’re working on creating new partnerships with those in our community doing meaningful work toward addressing inequality. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to be involved. For now, some ideas for other donations:


Now is the time to listen & learn, and grasp just how different others’ lived experience may be from one’s own. To help, these are just a few of the works people from across our team have read, are reading & would recommend:

Many of these are available at our neighbor The Lit Bar.


We urge everyone in our BXB Family to get (and stay) involved. To engage. To act. Change requires commitment, along with a vision for what a greater future looks like.

As our colleague Neville said, it may seem difficult to remain focused on the bigger picture. And often, the bigger picture may seem daunting to the point of inaction.

It may help to think of what you, specifically, can contribute. To find the lane where you’re able to make a difference, and go. Below, find some ideas and a few ways to address your mental health as you do.

And simply, don’t let racism stand. Speak up when you see it, hear it, witness it and on behalf of others who could use your help.

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