Taproom, Backyard, Empanology & Pickup/Delivery Temporarily Closed

Hey BXB Fam – heads up that the Taproom, Backyard and our pickup & delivery services will be closed for the next several days, after non-customer-facing staff tested positive for COVID.

To fully ensure the safety of our team and the BXB Family, we’re giving everyone time to get tested and to deep-clean and sanitize the facility before bringing our team back in.

Additionally, we’re reaching out individually to anyone who visited us over the past few days and signed up via our contact tracing forms.

You’re at the center of everything we do, and we’ve spent each day of the past year working to create the safest environment possible. To that end, we’re working with our team on getting everyone vaccinated — with significant process already.

We’ll still have shipping services available this week, given that we are able to guarantee a safe, isolated operation.

As for re-opening timing, stay tuned to our social and site. In the meantime, hit our Beer Finder in bio to see where you can find our beer near you across NY …  and remember to stay safe, wear your mask and take care of each other.

Can’t wait to see you again soon, and have a great week.

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