2019 Up & Comers

In 2019 we are doing even more, to support the local art community and highlight their work than we did in 2018. These beers are available for a limited time and the cans are even more limited. Learn more and see the whole lineup at here.

As part of this year’s initiative, we’re taking our belief that you don’t have to sacrifice approachability and balance in a beer just for the sake of innovation. And, that’s what The Up & Comers is all about.  You can never rest in this city so we craft these small batch brews every for months to help us find our next big hit.  In the spirit of The Bronx’s innovators in music and art, we created these custom, one-of-a-kind labels in collaboration with some of the borough’s most talented artists.  We think they’ll inspire you as much as they did us. We believe in supporting the local artist community, so a portion of proceeds of each beer will be shared with the artist behind its limited edition can.

The first 2 Up & Comers include a brand new brew in Everyday Hustle Hoppy Lager, which features art by Bronx Muralist, Demetrius Felder. And, we’re proud to bring back Holy Mother of Citrus, which features new art by Marthalicia, a friend of the artist for this beer’s 2018 can (Lexi Bella).

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