Who We Are

Grit. Union. Drive.

We started a craft brewery in The Bronx because the borough reflects our values: Grit, Drive and Union. 

The Bronx isn’t short on character. For decades, its been home to some of the toughest, most resilient people in New York City. People who know that respect is earned through hard work and determination. That’s why we knew this was the perfect place for us to open shop.   

People don’t make it happen in this borough unless they think big.  We didn’t get into this business as a hobby or to knock back some beers with our buddies. We want people outside NYC to enjoy our beers as much as any native New Yorker.  To bring the character of the Bronx to you.  And we’re going to work our asses off to make that happen. 

Teamwork means everything to us. We all bring our own philosophies, backgrounds and skills together to achieve the right mix of ideas, creating the best beer we know how. It’s this sense of Union that bonds us as a team and connects us to a tightly-knitted community. 

We’re proud to be in The Bronx. We’re even more proud that The Bronx is in us.


Made By A Team

No egos. No BS. Just a crew dedicated to bringing you a beer that’s as no-nonsense as the team that brewed it.


We’re honored to carry The Bronx name in our brand and to be part of this diverse community filled with people who have big love for their borough.


The Bronx Brewery is looking for an intern to join the production team! This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to work in a brewery but lacks practical experience.