Founded by chef and Bronx native Jason Alicea in 2018, Empanology popped up at The Bronx Brewery several times before signing on as our official Bronx food partner in September of 2020.

Their unique spins on classic Puerto Rican flavors - like their can’t miss OG Chopped Cheese Empanada and extensive vegan offerings - helped to put them on the map while new and innovative items are always popping up on their menu. From staples like the Backyard Burger, to a seasonal rotation of captivating empanada flavors, Empanology is a leading contributor to the up & coming Bronx culinary scene.

Located at The Bronx Brewery, 856 East 136th Street, Bronx NY  


After mastering the art of empanadas over the last couple of years, Chef Jason Alicea and the team behind Empanology Inc. are proud to express their love for food in a brand new form, pizza. Not just any pizza but an eleven-inch hand-stretched, artisanal personal pizza pie, made and baked to order. Inspired by the NYC pizza slice coupled with the art of New Haven coal-fired pies arrives EmPie. An all-new passion project from the south Bronx restauranteur birthed from his love and respect for pizza and the human connection it initiates.

Growing up in the Bronx, pizza has always been a staple to eat, make, and share with loved ones. After years in his early 20’s climbing the culinary ladder, Alicea got the opportunity to work alongside master Pizzaiolo Francis Roselli (Grandson of famed Frank Pepe’s founded in New Haven, CT). Reaffirming his love for pizza the apprenticeship concluded with Alicea being crowned lead “Pie Guy“ for Pepe’s expansion into their first New York location. After a successful run with the company Alicea’s culinary journey led him to part ways with the pizza giant to pursue his culinary education at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education).

Although our pizza and empanada concepts are different, they are both a form of art. It’s the legacy each recipe has that tells a story. A true labor of love that goes into every knead, push, pull, stretch, bang, pinch, fold, bake, or fry. Since 2018 team at Empanology has been pouring that love into every empanada they make. The time has finally come to express this love in the form of their own pies with you all at the Bronx Brewery.

Open 7 days a week and available in our taproom, it’s the only place you can find the best empanadas in NYC and a damn good pizza pie.