Production internship

Looking for a new career in the brewing industry? We're proud to partner with Beer Kulture on an internship dedicated to creating opportunities for Black, African-American, Hispanic, Native North American, Pacific Islander and other BIPOC and under-represented communities in craft beer.

One designed to provide you with a foundation of scientific and practical knowledge and to help you launch a career in the industry.

Proudly presented by launch sponsors K. Sidrane, Briess Malt & Ingredients, BSG, Crosby Hop Farms and Force Brands -- our Production Internship is a new way of looking at inclusivity and opportunity within our industry. Awareness, education, mentorship and a foot in the door are powerful tools for helping to change the face of this industry and have it better reflect the makeup and diversity of our community. Toward that end, we are proud to commit this Internship program to BIPOC candidates.

Program elements include...


Comprehensive technical & practical training developed by our lead brewer, encompassing all aspects of our production process. Click for a detailed breakdown.

  • Creative concept and recipe development, including writing a recipe for production as part of The Up & Comer limited-release series
  • Brewery safety
  • Brewhouse operations
  • Cellar management
  • Packaging operations
  • Warehouse management and logistics


A paid internship designed to give you experience across everything you'll need to know across all aspects of beer production -- and the time you'll need to do more than just observe.

  • $2000 stipend, made possible by our sponsors
  • All safety gear (boots, gloves, safety glasses, knife, flashlight, etc.)
  • Breakfast/lunch/snacks provided by The Bronx Brewery during the course of the Internship


Our internship's helped to start dozens of careers in craft beer. You'll get mentorship and networking support to jump-start your journey in this industry.

  • Letters of introduction and recommendation to NYC Brewers Guild, NYS Brewers Association as appropriate
    Placement opportunities through Beer Kulture’s Jobs Board
  • Ongoing alumni networking opportunities
  • Placement in our alumni section on this page


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