Bronx Breeds Greatness


“The Bronx Indeed, Breeds Greatness!”

Y-Series collab with Walter Cruz (@2oceans)

Introducing “Bronx Breeds Greatness,” a Belgian-Style Quadruple Ale that boasts a bold 8.3% ABV and a perfectly balanced 31 IBU. Crafted with a foundation of Pilsen Malt and a harmonious blend of Aromatic Munich, Special B, Crystal 60, and authentic Belgian Candi Sugar, this limited edition brew takes you on a journey through exquisite flavors. Immerse yourself in the rich, complex tapestry of tastes that unfold with each sip. Picture indulgent notes of prune, intertwined with a velvety, dark caramel essence that caresses the palate. The subtle dance of banana undertones adds a delightful twist, elevating the drinking experience to new heights.

Walter Cruz, the visionary behind “The Bronx Breeds Greatness,” embodies the spirit of cultural resilience and creative activism. Currently serving as the visual designer for the Black Alliance of Just Immigration, Walter brings a rich background in political design, contributing to causes that advocate for Black migrants globally. His artistic journey is a decade-long commitment to mentorship and community-building. Co-founding ZEAL, a Black artist-owned cooperative, Walter has created a space for multidisciplinary artists to flourish. His approach is rooted in research, aiming to communicate complex narratives through various mediums such as video, still images, garments, paintings, and sculpture.


May it be, video, still images, garments, paintings, sculpture or beyond. The idea is to use things the “everyday” person can identify with in my work as a hook to pull people in and get them looking and thinking more closely at my work. I’m more interested in engaging people who don’t always have time for art





When asked about “Design Process / Inspiration for the Can” Walter says:

The name for the can comes from a phrase I put together a few years back as I was thinking about how to add to the sense of pride Bronxite have to help balance out the stigmas the borough carries or the cheap shots people take at the Bronx haha. It’s stuck ever since. The can design is a snapshot from a painting I made that was inspired by single parents in tough situations. Oftentimes they get so worried about protecting their children from the harms of the world that they forget to create space for them to be free. It’s a tricky balance. I thank my mom finding that balance along the way as she raised my twin sibling and I. It’s another reason why I know The Bronx breeds greatness. Shout out to all the adults that help raise the children around them. I snuck in a few easter eggs in the design as well. I’ll leave those up for guessing when folks grab a can.

When asked “What do I hope to achieve with my art/platform?” Walter says:

What I hope to achieve is to create possibilities for the people around me that I know and don’t know. Even if it’s just one person that comes into contact with something I created and says “I didn’t know I could do that, I want to give it a try.” That to me, means I’ve fulfilled my purpose. I’d like to continue sharing my platform with as many people as I can. Success is a team sport, it means nothing to me if we don’t succeed collectively.

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know?” Walter says:

I appreciate the chance to work on this brew together. I approached it as collectible art and I’m glad the BXB team has embraced it in the same way.

Tell us about your community collaborator:

Rather than hosting a function for the release, I thought it would be more interesting to think of something that would be longer lasting at the brewery. The Bronx Narratives came to mind immediately, they do great work in the borough and have been doing so for the last ten years. So shout out to them! Deondre Green, one of the co-founders of The Bronx Narratives brought  Kevin Vargas into the loop. Kev is doing great work around making meditation and relaxation more accessible and normal for Black and Brown folks in and outside The Bronx. We all agreed it would be awesome to provide folks that come by the brewery on Saturday with meditation skills they can take back home with them afterwards. For the interactive part of the launch, the concept was created to record voicemails of visitors to leave on a modified city payphone. This way when folks stop by then can leave a positive message for the next person and listen to the previous ones left before them. In a way, created a loop of positivity that revolves around The Bronx, its residents, guests and supporters.

This collaboration is not just about beer; it’s about creating a lasting impact and celebrating the greatness that The Bronx breeds.






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Walter Cruz

Walter Cruz is a visionary visual designer, co-founder of ZEAL, and a dedicated advocate for social justice. His work, deeply rooted in research and community engagement, explores powerful narratives, often manifesting in various artistic forms, from paintings to garments, fostering meaningful connections with a broader audience.

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