Serving up New York inspired burgers in Sweden since 2016, Bastard Burgers does things their own way and always Like a Bastard.

And now, Bastard Burgers is bringing their music, graffiti, streetwear, and really good smash burgers to New York with their first US outpost, collaborating with The Bronx Brewery at our new taproom located in lower Manhattan's iconic East Village neighborhood.

Bastard Burgers prides themselves on their use of quality ingredients and their ability to offer virtually their entire menu using plant-based alternatives - including 100% Vegan burgers.

With beef from celebrated meat purveyors Pat LaFreida, Bastard Burgers' smash burgers are a blend of the highest quality, grass-fed beef that’s cooked to delicious perfection.

Catering to the plant-based crowd, Bastard Burgers proudly serves smashed Vegan burgers made with Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is a company that takes pride in the ingredients they put in their product that consists of protein, fat, minerals, carbs and water - but from plants. All Beyond Burgers are free from gluten, soy, and aren’t GMO.

Since 2016, they have opened more than 50 restaurants around Sweden and are now expanding into Norway and Finland. They are proud that love of food and people has created a strong culture around Bastard Burgers, where both climate-smart initiatives and loud hip hop can be found.

Located at The Bronx Brewery - East Village, 64 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 

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