Introducing … Never Wither Belgian IPA with Blood Orange & Chamomile

Been to The Backyard lately?

You might have noticed a brand-new mural, rising up one of the railroad tresses.

Courtesy of all-city graff legend TRAP IF — and inspired by Magi Camaj’s ‘Rare Roses’ poem in our Taproom — the mural features 5 roses, rising from the concrete. A testament to the strength and beauty of the borough & city we love, it towers over the Backyard, visually holding up the train tracks.

And now, you can find that very same art on the side of our newest Up and Comer — a Belgian IPA called Never Wither, infused with blood orange and chamomile.

We’ve found that the liquid, designed by our packaging manager Neville Edwards, changes over time. Originally bursting with citrus, the tea becomes more pronounced after letting the beer rest for a few days.

Want to bring some home? Click here.

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