3,000 RPM of high-velocity tropical & citrus vibes

Up and Comer art by Sonsira Espinal | @SYESpinal | Bronx, NY

When Juiced Ball slid into home last year it quickly became a fan favorite, so much so that we brewed it twice. Now with the 2021 MLB season on the horizon, we’ve created Curveball Milkshake IPA – a sister to Juiced Ball that uses the same Brewers Malt, Pilsen, Wheat grains and fruit forward flavors – but explodes with a new, unique hop quality.

Fruity, but without the addition of any real fruit extract, our team used Galena hops – which feature flavors of peach and pear – as well as a strain of hops from New Zealand so new it doesn’t even have a name yet. New Zealand hops are famous for their tropical, vibrant flavor profiles and NZ107 (as it’s currently known) delivers bold guava, passionfruit, and citrus.

But this isn’t just any traditional IPA – we’ve also added lactose to this brew, making it a Milkshake IPA – our very first. The lactose not only plays with the hops to create an almost creamsicle flavor, but it also creates a full-bodied texture and sweet, creamy body. The perfect “brunch” beer, Curveball is best sipped during a Sunday afternoon watching the Yankees.

Can art by Sonsira Espinal also ties Curveball to it’s predecessor – with bright, bold strokes spinning across the label.

Hop Bill: Galena, NZ107, Amarillo, Exp. 07270

Grain Bill: Pilsen, White Wheat, Brewers Malt, Oat Flakes, Carapils

What Else?: Lactose

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About The Artist

Sonsira "SYE" Espinal

Sonsira Espinal (SYE) is a Dominican/Venezuelan Bronx artist focusing on linear perspectives. She creates illusions of depth with the weaving of her lines on flat surfaces. The lines represent the beauty and intricacy of mending things that don’t belong together while then observing the outcome. Although SYE uses a variety of different tools to express her art, her favorite mediums to do so include watercolor and india ink.

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