“Your Escape Hatch In A Glass!”

Y-Series collab with Jalen Andux(@escape2nyc)

We invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey with ‘Escapism2.’ This Belgian-style Tripel with Grapes isn’t just a beer; it’s a portal to a world of flavor and adventure! At 8% ABV, ‘Escapism2’ carries you into the heart of fall, where golden leaves and cool breezes reign. The blend of C40, American Honey, and Belgian Candi Sugar paints a canvas of warmth and malty sweetness, mirroring the seasonal landscape. The addition of grapes adds a magical twist that transforms your glass into an escape hatch! With each sip, you’re transported to a vineyard at harvest, as the grape’s fruity dance intertwines with Belgian craftsmanship. As the sun sets earlier and shadows grow longer, this tripel beckons you to embrace the unknown. It’s not just a beer; it’s your October escape!

ESCAPISM², the second installment in the ESCAPISM series of beers, is a testament to the creative genius behind Escape2ny and Jalen Andux. The idea for this unique beer can and its intriguing name was born from a deep well of inspiration and a profound desire to intertwine culture, art, and imagination.




“Growing up in the melting pot of New York City, I was exposed to a mosaic of artistic expressions. The city’s energy, diversity, and creative atmosphere left an indelible mark on me. My experiences in the bustling neighborhoods of NYC fueled my desire to create something truly extraordinary!





The can art for ESCAPISM² is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. It’s a journey inward, designed to transport the drinker into a world of hidden wonders and cultural connections. The art was brought to life through the use of artificial intelligence, which took hundreds of prompts from a life mood board meticulously created by Jalen. This mood board is a mosaic of personal experiences, emotions, and inspirations, reflecting the rich tapestry of his life, including nods to his Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage, odes to NYC, and cultural icons.

When asked “What do you hope to achieve with your art/platform?” Jalen says:

Escape2NY, with its unique blend of art, community, and love, is more than just a brand or a series of events; it’s a vision for a lifestyle that celebrates the essence of human creativity. It’s about fostering a vibrant cultural tapestry where art isn’t merely an option; it’s a fundamental part of life. The ESCAPE lifestyle is a journey of self-discovery, a reminder that without art, life’s canvas remains incomplete. At the core of Escape2ny’s vision is the belief that art is not a luxury but a necessity. It’s a means of expression, a way to make sense of the world, and a powerful medium for connection. The lifestyle it promotes encourages individuals to thrive by embracing their inner artists, nurturing their creative spirits, and finding fulfillment through self-expression.

Escape2NY is deeply rooted in the cultural fusion of Jalen Andux’s Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage, as well as the diverse artistic spirit of New York City. The vision is to bridge cultures, connect communities, and celebrate the unique stories that emerge from these intersections. It’s a testament to the beauty of diversity and the power of shared experiences.

When asked “If there’s anything else you’d like to let people know?” Jalen says:

The collaboration between Escape2ny and The Bronx Brewery for the creation of ESCAPISM² was not a spur-of-the-moment endeavor; it was the culmination of a long and meaningful partnership. In fact, the roots of this collaboration stretch back to 2018 when Escape2ny first became a community partner of The Bronx Brewery. The journey began when Escape2ny recognized the shared values and passions with The Bronx Brewery. Both entities were deeply committed to fostering a sense of community, celebrating art, and embracing the diversity of the city. This shared vision laid the foundation for a partnership that would extend beyond the ordinary.

This collaboration was not just about creating a unique beer; it was a testament to shared values in action. Both Escape2ny and The Bronx Brewery understood the power of artistic expression in fostering a strong and vibrant community. They recognized that art and culture could be the bridges that bring people together, transcending boundaries and backgrounds.

The decision to partner with Bebés Boricuas as the community partner for ESCAPISM² reflects Escape2ny’s unwavering commitment to social justice, community empowerment, and the celebration of Puerto Rican culture. Bebés Boricuas, as a collective, embodies the values and mission that resonate deeply with the heart and soul of Escape2ny. Bebés Boricuas is more than just a collective; it’s a powerful force for change and justice. They’ve taken it upon themselves to bring to light the injustices happening on the island of Puerto Rico, shedding light on issues that demand attention and resolution. Their dedication to social justice aligns perfectly with Escape2ny’s mission to use art and community as a catalyst for change.

The collaboration with Bebés Boricuas is not just about financial support; it’s about creating a path to positive change. It’s a call to action, demonstrating that the power of art and community can be harnessed to address important social issues. It’s a reminder that we can all play a role in promoting justice, equality, and empowerment. Join us in raising a glass to this extraordinary collaboration between Jalen, Bebés Boricuas, and The Bronx Brewery – celebrating creativity, community, and moments that inspire us all. Cheers to “ESCAPISM²!”






Limited Release


4 packs, Draft

About The Artist

Jalen Andux

Jalen Andux, the visionary founder of Escape2ny, is a creative force dedicated to cultivating art, building communities, and spreading love through the unique lifestyle he coined as "Eat Sleep Create And Prosper Entirely." Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of New York City, his mission is to unite people through art, embracing diversity, and celebrating the beauty of creative expression.

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